Icecream Cupcakes II
…who said: sequels are never any good?
Icecream Cupcakes II
Icecream Cupcakes II…

Icecream Cupcakes II
Fill the cones with smarties for an additional surprise…
Icecream Cupcakes II
or whipped cream, chocolate mousse…

Icecream Cupcakes II
There are endless possibilities…
Icecream Cupcakes II
…with these Icecream Cupcakes!

{Icecream Cupcakes II}

Preparation time: 20 min

Cooking time: 0 min

Raciones: 12-18 icecream cupcakes


  • 500 g cake
  • 250 g cream cheese
  • 250 g dark chocolate (or candy melts)
  • 100 g pink candy melts
  • 12-18 icecream cones
  • sprinkles and cherry gummies to decorate (optional)


  1. In large bowl, use hands to crumble cake until no large chunks remain.
  2. Add cheese and mix with your fingers until
    well combined.
  3. Form mixture into cake balls the size of your icecream cones and press down into the cones to ensure that they are stable
  4. Melt dark chocolate in a bowl, take one icecream cupcake at a time and dip it upside down into the chocolate right until it reaches the edge of the cone. I made some holes on a shoe box to place the cones so that they would stay upright until set, you might also use a styrofoam block
  5. Let the cones set in the fridge
  6. Melt pink candy melts, and use a spoon to drizzle it on top of the chocolate. Add some sprinkles and a cherry gummy, and keep in the fridge until consumption


  • Additionally, for a fun surprise you might want to fill the cone with some smarties before putting the cake ball
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