Chocolate Oreo tart

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Chocolate Oreo Tart- SquirrelsChocolate Oreo Tart by Michele, you can check her version here: “My husband loves Oreos! It’s a serious addiction. He loved the tart so much, he wrote the post! Thank you for sharing!”

Chocolate Oreo tart-GoranaChocolate oreo tart by Gorana: “This is a heaven for chocolate lovers… 🙂 Great recipe…”

oreo tart-HannahChocolate oreo tarts by Hannah Holicky: “My friend and I decided to make them in a muffin tin because we didn’t have a proper pan. Took some effort to get them out of the pan neatly but they turned out really nice. Very tasty!”

Chocolate Oreo tart- EcozeeChocolate oreo tarta by Ecozee, please check whole post at her blog

Chocolate Oreo tart- FaridaChocolate oreo tarta by Farida: “It was delious..Greetings from Holland, Farida…”

Chocolate oreo tart-NuhaChocolate oreo tarta by Nuha: “doesn’t looks good, but it tastes so delicious ❤ thank you”