Patterned swiss roll

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Patterned Swiss Roll by Siani Abrahams: “I loved this recipe, thank you so much! I’d never made a swiss roll before and had wanted to for a while, so when I saw your stunning recipe I had to give it a go! There are so many endless possibilities for the patterns, I can’t wait to explore some more designs. Thank you so much!”

Patterned Swiss Roll by Sweet Corner, do not miss whole post in her blog

Patterned Swiss Roll by Cornelia (Petite Homemade): “thanks so much to La Receta de la Felicidad for the recipe and the inspiration! ♥ i am so in love with your blog!”

Patterned Swiss Roll by Amalia: “Thank you for this amazing technique and recipe. It was much easier as I thought. I am sure next time will look even better !”

Patterned Swiss Roll by the Cookie Fairy, please do not miss the whole post at her blog! : “Thank you for the amazing idea of decoration the swiss roll so lovely- I really liked the result. The process was much easier than I expected, and the final result turn out sooo cute!
(Well, not as amazing as yours, but still cute..) In our current extremely hot summer we’re having (40 Celsius degrees! Ouch) It seems that the hardest thing was preventing the ice cream from melting
during the process… So thank you very much for the inspiration!”

n Patterned Swiss Roll by The Green Mixer, do not miss her post for full version: “Hi. I used your instructions to decorate the cake for my roll (and the recipe of the cake of your arctic roll). Sorry it’s in greek for now, but I will post the English version too… “