Gourmand Cookbook AwardsOn the International Day of happiness , I have had one of the happiest moments in my life: My book “Las recetas de la felicidad” has been shortlisted by the Gourmand Cookbook Awards as one of the world’s best 7 books in the ” Bloggers Cookbook” category , and will compete in the finals to be held in Beijing China in May this year.

The Gourmand Cookbook Awards are sometimes described as the “Oscars” of food awards. And that my book has been selected among so many wonderful books to be part of the finalists competing for the “Best of the World” in China … leaves me speechless .

I’m only a finalist , but the truth is that I am feeling like a winner just to have arrived here. I have written three times to the organization for them to confirm that my book had been actually selected… I couldn’t believe it!

Again I have to say thanks to you because this would not be happening without you! So thanks for being there!

I am very happy. Fingers crossed until May ! 🙂