Cake pops

Cake pops are one of the latest trends in dessert culture, which are basically little smushed balls of cake and cream cheese, dipped in chocolate or candy melts. Here I walk you through the steps to make your own cake pops at home with one difference: whilst most of recipes call for a boxed cake mix, I would like to invite you to prepare this recipe with cake leftovers. For instance, this cake pops in the pics were prepared with the leftovers of this chocolate birthday cake, as I had to slice the domed section of the cakes to make a perfect layer cake. I kept the “domes” in the freezer, and used them for this recipe (that is why the dough is a bit brown)

Form mixture into cake pops
Dip sticks into melted chocolate and insert into cake balls
Dip the pops completely in melted chocolate, add some sprinkles, and ready!

{Cake pops}

Preparation time: 20 min
Cooking time: 0 min


  • 500 g cake
  • 250 g cream cheese
  • 250 g dark chocolate (or candy melts)
  • lollipop sticks and your favorite sprinkles to decorate


  1. In large bowl, use hands to crumble cake until no large chunks remain.
  2. Add cheese and mix with your fingers until well combined.
  3. Form mixture into cake balls and place on paper parchment
  4. Melt 50 g chocolate, dip sticks into melted chocolate and insert into cake balls; let set in the fridge.
  5. Melt remaining chocolate, dip the pops completely, add some sprinkles, and keep in the fridge until consumption


  • Original cake pop recipe by Bakerella. It is advisable to use a
    styrofoam block to stick the pops in to dry.
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